Made for the OPRPG Jam 2023!
With a ritual that takes you to a random time and place, and a thrill seeking attitude, where will you go?
Play in an apocalyptic world where you live on the border that protects the city.
I hand picked 5 RPGs to be free demos. Enjoy!
A business card sized RPG tool
Complete your resolution before the year ends
A one page RPG that uses the hangman game
Play as rangers travelling across the land, slaying monsters, and exploring dungeons.
An index card sized micro-RPG
Survive the trails of a world overtaken by fungi.
Play as divination mages in high school!
A diceless and paperless agnostic RPG system.
A turn-based strategy game with dragons!
Play as a sea creature going to the top of the food chain.
Play as a individual body parts in Limb-o